Want to start fundraising with us?
Here are some ideas!

Get yourself sponsored!

Are you up for a challenge?
Walk, climb, be still, run, cook, make music... and let friends, collegues and family sponsor you!


Nigel Murphy!
He completed the Great North swim and reached the amount of GBP 1127,11-

He says: "Tired but elated :-). "


Make your special occasion even more special

Connect your "Big Day" to the Medical Camps!
You can make your special occasion like your birthday, wedding and aniversary even more special. Some people suggest their friends -instead of a gift- to put money to a cause; let your Day benefit many others.

Let your happiness of this day reach out to the other side of the world!


Nanna Coppens!
She has raised GBP 1449,66 on her birthday for cataract operations for the poor in rural India.

Nanna says: "Restored eyesight improves life in every way!"


A sponsor package for your company

You care about your people, your planet and your profit. Everything is in place. You wish to make a wider contribution and you care about what we do. We really value your support!

Please contact us! Depending on your ideas and the amount you wish to donate, we can provide you with a Sponsor package to help you.