A lot of people give their time to support the clinics.

These development oriented volunteers serve people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. They are working to provide health and other socio-economic developmental solutions for the rural and tribal areas of South Gujarat.

They must be supported too!

Simply to have the means to perform the job. These can be smaller to bigger things like:

  • medical supplies
  • food to distribute
  • bedding for patients
  • spectacles to distribute
  • school kits for children
  • dentistry supplies
  • nurses clothing
  • etc.

Our mission is to bring essential health care and educational support for impoverished people, who would otherwise not have access to such resources.

About the Eductional Kit Distribution...

Due to economical reasons, more parents are unable to meet their children’s school expenses. There are others, who have little money to get their children admitted school but can’t afford to deal with daily expenses related to studies such as necessary stationery items and other accessories. It is for this reason we launched the Education Kit project few years ago.

Every year
people benefit from the food distribution project
Every year
people benefit from the clothing distribution project

Medical aid

School fees to educate orphans

Young girls trained as nurses

Food distribution

Education kits

Cataract operations

Clothing distribution

Health check ups

Medical supplies

Free spectacles

Dental aid